Maintaining Your Natural Hair:

So now that you’ve got the basics understood in caring for your natural hair, the next step is how to maintain your natural hair in terms of growth and health. The key to this is developing a regimen.

Developing a regimen does not have to be complicated. Set a day out of the week, “wash day”, to deep condition and / or shampoo and condition your hair. After you have finished washing your hair, you are going to want to keep as much moisture retained throughout the week until the next wash day. To do this, you are either going to want to use the L.O.C method or the L.C.O method.

The L.O.C and L.C.O Methods

The L.O.C. method is applying a leave-in conditioner to your hair, followed by an oil, and then a cream. The L.C.O method is applying a leave-in conditioner, followed by a cream secondly, and then an oil to seal everything in. Either method is going to help seal and retain moisture throughout your hair. It is up to you to choose which method you want to use and which one will work better for your hair.

Throughout the week, try to incorporate protective styling some days. Protective styling is very beneficial when trying to maintain healthy natural hair. These styles can help to keep your hair moisturized and your ends protected.

As you become more and more familiar with the ways of your hair and develop a routine regimen, the health of your strands will flourish. To note, everyone has a different head of hair. What works for one person may not work for the other. Each hair type is beautiful and unique, and is not a definitive of all that you are.  At the end of the day hair is just hair – a fun accessory.