Natural Hair Essentials:

Regardless of where you are at in your hair journey, there are a few natural hair essentials that will help to keep your strands healthy and flourishing. With the wide range and ever-growing selection of natural hair products stocking shelves, it is easy to become a self proclaimed product junkie. However this is not always a good thing as hair products can get pretty costly. Fortunately, many products for your hair’s basic needs can be found at little to no cost, and sometimes right at home. Here are a few natural hair essentials that will help in caring for your hair:

Spritz bottle

The first essential every natural needs is a spritz bottle. Spritz bottles carry water or any admixture you want to spray into your hair and make it much easier to coat your strands as opposed to using just your hands. Simply spritz your hair whenever to revitalize and add moisture to your hair.

Deep conditioning caps

Deep conditioning caps come in handy when it comes to trapping in moisture while deep conditioning your hair or any other form of heat/steam. They are a bargain as you can usually get a couple of months supply of caps for under $5.

Hair catcher

Whether you wash your hair in the sink or shower, it can be annoying to constantly have hair clogging your drain. Hair catchers are the perfect fix for this and will stop any hair from going down the drain. These natural hair essentials will surely save you the headache.

Detangling comb or brush

Although finger detangling your natural hair serves many benefits – less breakage and length retention, there are some times when the use of a comb is necessary. There are combs and brushes specifically designed for detangling natural hair. Detangling utensils should be wide-toothed with soft bristles, as this will make your hair much easier to comb through.

Hair clamps

When doing your hair in sections, it can be bothersome when pieces of your hair get in the way or get mixed in with another section causing snags and snarls. These natural hair essentials, hair clamps, will help to keep your hair pinned up and save time by working with more clearly parted sections.

Satin pillowcase and/or bonnet

Whether you are a natural or have your hair relaxed, a satin bonnet and/or pillowcase is a staple essential for preserving the health of your hair. The satin material helps to reduce friction between your hair and cotton pillowcase, in which the cotton dries the hair of moisture. Satin also helps to maintain the moisture in your hair overnight.


Our hair naturally produces an oil, called sebum; but with the many curls, coils, and kinks, it makes it more difficult for the oils to travel to the ends of our natural hair. Jojoba oil is most similar to the sebum our hair produces.

Tea tree oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, are all examples of essential oils that will all help to stimulate growth with scalp massages. Mix with a carrier oil (olive oil, coconut oil) to dilute the highly concentrated essential oils and add shine.

Deep conditioner

Having a good deep conditioner will improve the overall health of your natural hair tremendously. You will notice stronger, softer, more moisturized hair as you deep condition regularly. There are many different types of deep conditioners that target any issues you may have – porosity, dandruff, breakage.


Gels, creams, and custards are a few of the different forms hair stylers come in. These are essential when it comes to defining your curl pattern and hair texture. You can also make your own curl definers using ingredients found right in your cabinet at home. Our personal favorite is the DIY flax-seed gel.

Shampoo & conditioner

These natural hair essentials help to remove buildup and replenish moisture. There are clarifying shampoos, and moisturizing shampoos. If you find your hair feels dry or “stripped” after washing your hair, you may want to try a moisturizing shampoo. For conditioners, the same applies. If you have dry hair, you should go for moisturizing conditioners that are water-based.