Tips for Healthy Hair:

When caring for natural hair, there can be many ups and downs throughout our hair journeys. However, achieving that carefree, bouncy natural hair look makes it all worth it in the end. Moisture, gentle care, and reduction of heat/harsh chemicals will all help to improve the health of your natural hair. Here are a few natural hair tips to additionally help you out along the way:

tips for natural hair Images
  • Washing your hair in sections will help to prevent tangles and will allow more product to reach your strands.
  • Got white flaky residue left in your hair from a product but running too low on time to wash it out? Try using a t-shirt to dab out the residue, it may cause some frizz, but it is better than leaving the residue on all day.
  • Glycerin, a common ingredient found in natural hair products, can also be the culprit of frizz in humid weather. Try using anti-humectant products during the summer months.
  • When applying product, start with the ends of your hair. Our ends are the oldest parts of our hair and are easily prone to breakage.
  • Try doing a cool water rinse after washing your hair with warm water. The cool water seals the hair cuticle, retaining moisture, while also helping to reduce frizz.
  • Mixing a leave-in conditioner with an oil will make the detangling process much easier.
  • Crunchy curls from a gel product? Apply some oil to your hands and “scrunch” out the crunch. Here are some other oils with numerous benefits. 
  • To prevent product residue being left in your hair, add a dab of the products you want to put on your hair, and mix them in your hands. If there is no residue left on your hands, there will be no residue left in your hair. If they do not mix well, there will be clumps of product residue remaining.
  • Never detangle or comb your hair while it is dry, it will only cause more breakage.
  • Co-washing (washing your hair with a conditioner only) your hair is a much-needed way of restoring moisture back into your natural hair.
  • Adding a hot oil treatment into your regimen will give you shinier, softer hair.
  • Doing a protein treatment once a month will help to strength your hair, increase elasticity, and gradually repair any damage you may have.
  • When doing twist-outs, unravel your twists while dry, as water will cause the twists to come out frizzy.
  • Scalp massages help circulate blood flow at the roots of your hair, thus promoting hair growth.
  • Thinning edges? Use black castor oil and gently massage your edges nightly.