The way you style your natural hair plays an important role in its overall health. Whether that be through wash and go’s or protective styling, properly caring for your natural hair can be achieved in a multitude of styles. Listed below are a few natural hairstyles that will help to preserve the health of your hair, as well as promote and retain growth.



Twists are very beneficial for protecting and promoting healthy natural hair. They help to lock in moisture for up days, as well as keep your ends protected. Not only are twists an easy style to achieve, they additionally require low manipulation which in turns means less breakage in the long run.


Braids have been around since the beginning of time and are so popular because they can be worn in such a vast amount of ways. Cornrows, box braids, and braid-outs are all protective styles that help to retain length. Braids are also low manipulation styles since they are left in for longer and thus less breakage. 

Weaves, Wigs, Clip-Ins,etc. 

natural hairstyles
Natural hair clip-ins from The Natural Belle Hair

Weaves, wigs, and other hair extensions allow you to switch up your look at any time and are a way to express yourself. They can be worn as a protective style and can be beneficial in retaining length, as long as your natural hair is adequately taken care of and moisturized underneath. Low manipulation and less breakage help to retain length. 

These natural hair blow-out clip-ins from The Natural Belle Hair blend in seamlessly with your natural hair texture. They can be a stylish way to keep your hair protected and still change up your look from time to time.

Headwraps & Scarves 

These hair accessories are a quick and easy protective style that can be worn in a variety of fashions and designs. Not only do headwraps protect the ends and nape of your hair as well, they protect your hair from any harsh environmental elements that may be out that day. There are an array of videos detailing the different ways you can style your headwraps and scarves.

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Bantu Knots 

Although more intricate, Bantu knots can be used in the creation of many beautiful designs and natural hairstyles. They protect the ends of your hair as well as the nape of your hair. These two areas of our hair are prone to breakage due to the constant friction of rubbing against our clothing.

Buns & Puffs 

 A “go-to” style for many, buns and puffs are a great protective style. They are helpful in retaining length because they require less manipulation. Additionally, these natural hairstyles don’t involve the use of heat which prevents any further damage. To avoid breakage, it is best to wear your natural hairstyles in moderation. For example, wearing buns and puffs everyday can eventually cause thinning at the edges and even breakage around the nape area.

Wash and Go’s

 Wash and go’s can actually be quite beneficial for natural hair. The reason being is because you are applying more moisture to your hair more often. This can help to improve manageability, lessen tangles, etc. Applying a leave-in conditioner, then your styling product, followed by a sealing oil can help to keep moisture sealed in. 

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