What to Know Before Getting Your Natural Hair Professionally Cut

If you’ve been thinking about getting your natural hair professionally cut and styled or have already booked the appointment, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure the experience meets your standards. Whether you’re getting a Deva Cut, a maintenance trim, or doing the big chop, here is what to know before getting your natural hair professionally cut:

1) Read the reviews first

If you want your hair left in good, trusted hands, be sure to read the reviews of the salon you are interested in first. Some salons may be offering certain services at a generous price, but the two-star reviews say the establishment is filthy. In this case, it is probably best to look elsewhere. Aside from ratings and reviews, when looking for a salon, you also want to make sure that it has experience in working with natural hair – more specifically, your hair type / texture.

what to know before getting your natural hair professionally cut
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Some salons may specialize in certain areas (e.g. hair coloring) with not as much focus with natural, textured hair. Fortunately, natural hair salons have been on the rise and cater to wavy, curly, coily, and kinky hair types, as well as locs. Often times, salons will have their stylists listed on their website as well as how much experience each stylist has. Of course, the more experienced the stylist is, the more they may charge.

Depending on the style you are going for, you may or may not want to go with the more experienced and pricier stylist. From personal experience, I went ahead and went with the most experienced stylist for my Deva Cut and found that it was definitely worth it.

2) Natural hair services can get expensive

Going to the salon can sometimes be a pretty expensive experience depending on the style or cut that you get. A shaped and styled Deva Cut on your natural hair can costs upwards of $100 or more, not including a tip if you decide to give one. So, it is important to keep this in mind to budget accordingly. There are other services offered that may cost less. However, if you keep returning to get the particular service re-done, it can start to add up.

3) Different hair types will have to be trimmed using different methods

When searching for what to know before getting your natural hair professionally cut, it is important to note that different hair types may have to be trimmed following different methods. Trimming or shaping naturally curly, kinky, or coily hair types, sometimes involves a different method and preparation compared to cutting straight hair for example. The biggest reason is because of shrinkage. When your hair is coiled up versus fully stretched, the length difference can be quite substantial.

what to know before getting your natural hair professionally cut

If a stylist were to just cut straight across coily hair when it is in a shrunken state, the client would lose a lot of his / her length. This factor may also be why your stylist may suggest to blow out your hair to get a more accurate length check (however, this is completely up to you). So, make sure your stylist is gently stretching your curl pattern when trimming it to get a more accurate length determination. To note, this technique can vary depending on your hair type. Those with a looser curl pattern may not need to closely follow the method of stretching their hair because they do not have as much shrinkage.

4) Natural hair cuts will look different if you straighten your hair

If you like to wear your hair straightened from time to time, keep in mind that getting your hair cut and shaped in its natural state may change the way your hair looks when straightened. It may be uneven, feathered at the ends, and more. So, it is recommended that you get your natural hair professionally cut / shaped (e.g. a Deva Cut) only if you wear your hair in its natural state most of the time.

5) Avoid getting your natural hair cut while wet

Your natural hair looks a lot different when wet state versus in its dry state. When your hair is wet, the water is weighing down your hair, creating the appearance of an elongated or looser curl pattern. However, once your hair dries and shrinkage forms, the length of your hair may shorten in appearance. If you were to cut your hair in its natural state while wet, it can create an uneven cut once your hair dries up and / or is straightened.

The various coils, curls, and kinks throughout your natural hair have different degrees of shrinkage, depending on how loose or tight the curl is. When your strands are wet, it can create the illusion of a different hair length than actuality. Nonetheless, some individuals may find that they can cut their hair while wet and it turns out fine. It all depends on your hair’s attributes.

Thinking of getting bangs cut in your natural hair? Here is more detail about what to consider before making the commitment:

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