5 Ways to Preserve Your Natural Hairstyles Overnight

A lot of our natural hairstyles can take hours to complete. To avoid having to redo your hair each time, it helps to find a way to preserve your hairstyle overnight so that it is as good as new the next day.

Here are 5 easy ways to preserve your natural hairstyles overnight:

ways to preserve natural hairstyles overnight
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Putting your hair in a pineapple overnight is an easy way to preserve your natural hairstyles. What you’ll need is a satin scarf and/or loose ponytail holder. You are then going to flip your hair over and secure it in a loose ponytail using a scrunchie or other loose ponytail holder to avoid a “dent” forming in your curls. You can go to sleep like this, although it helps to have a satin pillowcase to sleep on as well.

To add, a pineapple can help to elongate your curls and create the appearance of more volume upon taking it down the next day.


ways to preserve natural hairstyles overnight
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If you do a twist-out or braid-out, or even a wash and go, putting your hair in chunky twists or braids at night time can not only help to preserve your style, but refresh it as well. Depending on how much volume you are going for with your style, the fewer braids/twists you do will create more voluminous hair.

The more braids/twists you do, the less volume there will be however you’ll get more definition. If you want to, you can even spritz some water and apply a bit more of your twisting butter to bring back definition for the next day.


You have probably heard of or seen the banding method before. It is a way of stretching and elongating your natural hair and is also another good choice of ways to preserve your natural hairstyles overnight.

To try the banding method, separate your hair into an equal number of sections. Then, take a couple of ponytail holders and wrap them around the length of each section, keeping it stretched out as you do so. This method is great for wash and go’s and helps to create more volume and elongate your natural curl pattern.


It helps to routinely sleep on a satin pillowcase or a satin scarf/bonnet to not only preserve your natural hairstyle but to maintain moisture and the health of your hair. Cotton pillowcases can absorb moisture from out of your hair, leading to drier hair the next day.

ways to preserve natural hairstyles overnight


To preserve your natural hairstyle overnight, try putting different sections of your hair into mini puffs. Simply separate your hair into 4-6 sections. Then, use a loose ponytail holder to put each section into a mini puff. After that, place your bonnet over your hair and you’re good to go. The next morning, take the ponytail holders out and then separate and fluff your hair out to refresh.

What is your favorite natural hairstyle to wear? Let us know below!

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