Review: Type 4 Hair Products from Kinky Hair Diva

** Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. The owner was kind enough to send us these products to try out and give an honest review. All opinions and experiences are of our own.


While hair type isn’t the “end all be all” or most important aspect of natural hair care, it does sometime play a part in what works or doesn’t work as well for our hair. For example, a product that produces a certain result on wavy hair probably won’t produce the same result on coily or kinky hair. For me personally, my natural hair is a mixture of curly and kinky textures, with a high density and falls mostly in the type 4 hair category. It is hard to find hair care products that work for me as far as definition for the varying hair textures in my hair and retaining moisture throughout the day. Luckily, I have found some good working products but am still in the process of trying and finding others.

This particular hair care line is from Kinky Hair Diva, and it is their Type 4 Hair Line. This line of products states that it is formulated for “tighter coiled naturals”. It features a conditioning cleanser/shampoo, an all-in-one conditioner and styler, a hair growth mist, and an edge growth oil blend. All of the products in the line contain all-natural ingredients. There are no chemical additives, artificial fragrances, and no sulfates, parabens, etc. While we were sent the entire hair care line, the individual items are still available to purchase separately. 

Kinky Hair Diva Type 4 Hair Care Line

What it is: Kinky Hair Diva Type 4 Hair Care Products

Size: 8 oz. for the cleanser, conditioner, and hair growth mist / 2 oz. for the edge growth oil

Where to buy:

Initial & Lasting Impressions

I started off using the conditioning cleanser which ended up being my favorite from the line. It contains castille soap, aloe vera gel, and a herbal hair growth blend from the brand (KHD). I really liked the fact that there are only natural ingredients in the products and not the usual chemical additives found in other hair products. The cleanser formed a nice foamy lather and left my hair with a light fresh scent. It cleansed thoroughly without leaving my hair feeling dry or stripped of moisture. 

I followed up with the all-in-one conditioner and styler, which can also be used as a leave-in and curl definer. The consistency of the conditioner though was very lightweight and did not work as well for my thick, coarse hair. I feel it would work better for naturals with lower density hair or fine strands. I did like the scent it left however. The hair growth mist worked good as a refresher spray, and added an additional layer of moisture. It contains a blend of natural oils and witch hazel, a popular plant derivative used in many cosmetics.

Applicator tube made oil blend easy to apply directly to the scalp

The last product of the hair line was the edge and hair growth oil blend. It comes with an applicator tube which made it easy to apply directly to any problem areas and the scalp. The ingredients listed are avocado oil (a moisturizing oil), rosemary and lavender oil, and another oil blend from the brand (KHD). It made my hair super soft with an added bonus that it contains a mixture of oils that promote growth in thinning areas. While my hair was definitely cleansed and moisturized after using these products, I had to use a separate curl definer to get more definition for my liking. 

Pros & Cons


  • Conditioning cleanser did a good job at removing build-up and still maintained moisture
  • Edge growth oil blend was very useful
  • All-natural ingredients


  • Conditioner/styler didn’t coat hair as thoroughly 


I really liked that this natural hair care line contained only natural ingredients. The cleanser did as it was supposed to, while still maintaining moisture and softness. The conditioner/styler was a bit too lightweight for my hair specifically and didn’t provide as much definition as I would have liked. The hair growth mist and edge/hair growth blend oil were useful and added moisture and softness. I think if this line had a separate curl definer it would have completed the set. Overall, I would recommend this brand for naturals with type 4 hair or for anyone looking for products with all natural ingredients that still provide good results. 

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