TGIN Honey Miracle Mask Review: It Is a Miracle

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What it is: TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask

Size: 12 oz.

Where to buy:

Overall rating: 10/10

Product Overview

The TGIN Honey Miracle Mask includes raw honey and olive oil in its list of ingredients. Raw honey is known for its natural healing and soothing properties, and is very beneficial for natural hair. This ingredient combined with olive oil is formulated to leave your hair shiny, soft, and with improved manageability. In addition to this, overtime this deep conditioner is supposed to help strengthen your hair strands and reduce breakage with the help of other natural and conditioning extracts. 

Initial & Lasting Impressions

What you will first notice about this mask is the smell. The scent of the honey is strong, but not unpleasant. After applying the deep conditioner in sections, it immediately started to define my curl pattern – a good sign. I left the mask on my hair without heat for about 20 mins, and then sat under a hooded hair dryer for around 10 mins. I found this way really helps boost my results.

The TGIN Honey Miracle Mask really absorbed into my hair – when I removed my deep conditioning cap, most of the residue was not visible. Another thing I noticed was that my curl pattern really sprung back to life. I can honestly say this mask has given me the best results out of the many deep conditioners I have tried so far. My hair was left feeling super soft, almost to where it felt like the tangles had melted away. I almost didn’t want to rinse it out because of how defined and shiny my hair was! I can attest to the product name – this mask is a miracle. 

Mask has a creamy consistency that was easily able to coat all of my hair.

Pros & Cons


  • Raw honey ingredient pulls through with soothing properties
  • Leaves hair super soft and shiny
  • Immediate curl definition


  • Scent is strong


I have tried many deep conditioners, some with good luck and others not so much. However, the TGIN Honey Miracle Mask is definitely a miracle. The raw honey and oils in this mask really pulled through and produced excellent results. My hair was left soft, shiny, and defined. If you are in search of a deep conditioner that will help to remedy dry, brittle hair, or have color-treated hair, this mask is definitely worth while. 


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