Laila Ali Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer Review

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What it is: Laila Ali (LADR5604) Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Size: 11.2 x 4 x 13 inches, 3.4 lbs 

Where to buy:

Overall rating: 9 / 10

Product Overview

The convenience of having a hooded hair dryer at home makes it a favorable investment for many. They are great for deep conditioning as heat allows the formula to deeper penetrate into your hair strands. If you’re running late and don’t have enough time to wait for your hair to dry, an at-home hooded hair dryer is also a deserving solution. If you are in search for a hooded hair dryer, the Laila Ali Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer is one to consider. It stands out from your typical bonnet hair dryer, as this one is soft and inflatable. It fits almost like a shower cap and covers all of your hair, maximizing results.

Initial Impressions

Upon first opening the product, you will notice multiple compartments which make for easy storage and assembly. It is not as heavy as one might expect, and is in fact quite lightweight. The hose that attaches to the machine dryer is flexible which makes it easy to be placed anywhere, unlike the hard top bonnet dryers that must be placed at a certain height. The hose however could be longer.

The bonnet cap is a big plus as it covers all of your hair, specifically the back which can sometimes be left out with just a hard top hooded dryer. The bonnet even contains enough room for a set of jumbo curl rollers. Additionally, there is a cool temperature setting along with 2 other heat and speed settings. The featured ion airflow helps to speed up the drying process and retain more moisture. You can expect your hair to be dried at most in 30 minutes, depending on the setting.

Compartment storage for bonnet, along with multiple temperature settings.
Length of hose that attaches to bonnet.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple assembly & closing
  • Easy to travel with
  • Fairly inexpensive price compared to other models
  • Solid quality


  • Hose on dryer could be longer


We would definitely recommend the Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Dryer if you are in the market for a hooded hair dryer. This product makes the deep conditioning and/or hair styling process much simpler and quicker. The soft bonnet makes is very helpful as it wraps around the entirety of your hair. The hose that is attached to the dryer could be longer, but it is flexible and allows for comfortable seating.


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