How to Prevent Hair Products from Flaking in Your Natural Hair

Do you have those times where your wash and go or twist-out is looking just right, until you fluff out your hair a bit and it starts to flake? Or, maybe you have just bought a couple of new hair products to try out, but when you put them on your hair it leaves a ton of residue. Regardless, no one likes a bad hair day. Excess product residue and flaking can cause just that. Listed below are a few helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind that can benefit you when seeking how to prevent hair products from flaking in your natural hair:

how to prevent hair products from flaking in your natural hair
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An easy way to prevent product residue and flaking in your hair is to test your products out before applying them onto your strands. One way to do this is by taking one of the products from your potential product combination and squeezing a dime size amount onto the palm of your hand. Then, add a second dab of your other product onto your opposite palm. After that, mix the products together in your hands.

If you see that the products are not mixing well together and are generating a clumpy consistency with residue, the product combination is likely to do the same to your hair. On the other hand, if you mix the two of your products together and find that there is little to no residue left on your palms, then this is a good product combination to try out on your strands and will likely not produce leftover residue or flaking.


In contrast with damp or dry hair, thoroughly saturated hair will allow for your products to be more fully absorbed and thus prevent an excess of product residue from being left on your strands, which can lead to flaking. In addition, depending on the water temperature you use, applying your products onto soaking wet hair can help to lay the hair cuticle and create a smooth, soft look with your styles.

how to prevent hair products from flaking in your natural hair
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If you were to take a glob of conditioner and apply it to your hair while it is dry, you will notice that the product does not easily absorb. Instead, it will just sit on top of your hair and if left on for long, can begin to harden and flake. This is why it is important that you apply your products onto thoroughly saturated, wet hair.


Another tip that can benefit you when exploring how to prevent flaking from hair products in your natural hair, is to start on freshly shampooed, cleansed hair. If you start applying new products onto unclean hair that has already accumulated some product build-up, they will further add to this build-up and cause flaking, a lack of sheen, and more. So, it is essential that you start your hairstyles on clean hair to prevent flaking and excess residue from your products being left on your strands.


how to prevent flaking from hair products in your natural hair
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One way to accelerate product reside and flaking in your hair is to layer product after product onto your strands. If you apply too many products or too much product onto your hair, it can interfere with product absorption and leave the products sitting on top of your hair, leading to flaking. Try to stick with your essentials – your choice of styling product, a leave-in, and / or an oil.

Some naturals may even be able to get away with using only one product on their hair. Nonetheless, when seeking how to prevent flaking from hair products in your natural hair, try to limit the number of products you use on your strands.


Regardless of if you like to wear wash and go’s, twist-outs, or braids, the products you use to style your hair can form product build-up. This product build-up can dry out, harden and flake up if left on your hair for too long. Depending on the style, you may be able to get a couple of days wear out of it.

However, come day four or five, you may start to experience flaking as excess product build-up has accumulated on your strands. To deter this, it is key that you regularly wash your hair with a good shampoo. Using a clarifying shampoo once a month will help to thoroughly remove your strands of dirt and build-up.


If you find that you are still left with white product residue and flaking from products in your hair, one way to get rid of most of the residue is with the use of a t-shirt. Simply take one of your old t-shirts and blot out the places where there is residue. The material on your shirt will soak it right up. Additionally, you can use a microfiber towel to absorb extra product without causing frizz.

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