How to Maintain Natural Hair During the Summer

If you’re like me and can’t stand the cold weather, summer arriving is both a joy and a relief. For natural hair however, the summer weather brings changes to your regimen and hair care. Walking outside and your hair poofing up due to the humidity is something almost all naturals experience. But, there are many ways and products that can help keep your tresses healthy and happy during the summer months.

how to maintain natural hair during the summer
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Here is how to maintain natural hair during the summer:

1) More layers of moisture

Depending on the particular climate you live in, the summer can bring either very humid air, or very dry air. Varying climates each have a different affect on our strands. Humid weather of course contains higher levels of water molecules in the air. Our hair absorbs these water molecules causing a slight lifting of the cuticle in the effort to absorb them – often resulting in a frizzy hair appearance. If you live in a humid climate, adding as much moisture as you can to your hair before going outside will help to lay the hair cuticle and limit frizz.

For those who live in dry climates, this can of course cause even drier hair with high temperatures. To prevent your hair from becoming dull and brittle, you can: use a heavier leave-in conditioner, deep condition more often,  or wear protective styles that limit contact with the elements of the weather.

Providing your strands with an ample amount of moisture will make how to maintain natural hair during the summer much easier – longer lasting styles, less frizz, and softer, shinier hair. Also, don’t forget your own water intake. Hydration from the inside is just as important as on the outside. Water is the number once source of health for natural hair, starting from growth at the roots to hydration at the tips. 

how to maintain natural hair during the summer

2) Try to use oils with your styles

Since the humid air tends to cause frizz, it can also give the appearance of dull looking hair.  Not only can natural oils alleviate this issue, but they provide numerous benefits in the process. With your styles, try to apply a sealing oil (such as olive oil or argan oil) with your other styling products to lock in as much moisture as possible and to add shine. 

Coconut oil can boost softness, and avocado oil can provide moisture due to its high concentration of fatty acids. Regardless of your area of concern, there are plenty of oils to choose from that help to maintain natural hair during the summer. 

3) Check the ingredients in your products

There may be products that usually work for your hair, but during the summer season produces a completely different result. The reason being may be due to the ingredients in it. For example, glycerin is a common ingredient found in numerous natural hair products that is supposed to help maintain moisture. While this sounds good,  it is a humectant meaning it attracts moisture. So, during the summer months when there is already a lot of moisture in the air, glycerin attracts even more resulting in excessive frizz for some. Anti-humectant products are a great choice for the summer to help prevent frizz.

Products containing alcohols, which are already drying, can cause even drier hair during the summer months. Alcohols are typically found in gels, so maybe switch up to creams and butters for your natural hairstyles during the warmer temperatures. 

how to maintain natural hair during the summer4) Use a heavier sealant

Since natural hair has a natural proneness to dryness, it can use as much moisture as possible, especially for kinkier hair textures. As mentioned earlier, moisture is key to maintaining healthy hair during the summer.

In an effort to retain this moisture, using a sealant is going to be of great benefit. Heavier sealants like creams and thicker oils cover the strand more thoroughly resulting in smoother hair, and minimal frizz. 

5) Co-washing helps

Co-washing is a convenient way of cleansing the hair without ridding your strands of moisture. It is especially beneficial during the summer months because it retains moisture for longer. This is because it is not stripping the hair entirely of its natural oils, like shampoos sometimes do. The result is softer, shinier, and more manageable hair. Since co-washing is such a quick process, it is a simple way to add a boost of moisture back into your hair after being outside in the warm weather. One of our favorite co-wash products does not contain glycerin, and works to prolong moisture and shine all the while limiting frizz. 

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6) A great time for protective styling

With the many activities and vacations that take place during the summer, this is a great and convenient time for protective styling.If you are tired of your styles being messed up by the humidity, these natural hairstyles can protect your hair from the weather elements and give your hair a break. Wearing protective styles during the summer can also help with length retention. Not using heat, limited manipulation, and reduced breakage from wearing protective styles all aid in maintaining healthy natural hair during the summer. 

7) Preparation for swimming:

The chemical chlorine that is found in swimming pools can cause a very drying effect on natural hair. Tangles and sometimes breakage are common. To prepare your hair for swimming, thoroughly apply fresh water, a leave-in, and an oil to create a layer between the chlorine and your strands to limit the absorption. Additionally, wearing a protective style is a good choice too. Afterwards, use a thorough cleansing shampoo followed by your usual deep conditioner.


What are some of your summer hair care tips?

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