5 Ways to Get Maximum Curl Definition

There are such a variety of hair textures and curl patterns, each with their own attributes, so much so that no two heads of hair may be the exact same. It is what makes our natural hair unique and showcases the beauty of it. Regardless of hair type or texture, there are ways to capture and define your natural curl pattern to its maximum potential. Whether you have loose curls or tight coils, here are five ways to get the most definition out of your natural curl pattern:

how to get maximum curl definition
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1) Make sure your hair is thoroughly soaked with water before applying product

Before applying any product or trying a certain method to define and capture your natural curl pattern, you first want to make sure your hair is thoroughly wet. This will allow your strands to be able to fully soak up product as well as lessen frizz. Depending on your hair porosity and how long it usually takes your hair to dry, you can either apply your products  onto damp or soaking wet hair.

Applying product onto hair that has not been adequately moisturized or is too dry can cause more visible residue to be left on your hair as it dries since there is not enough water to fully absorb it. Also, if your hair is not wet enough before applying your products, it can create frizz and lessen definition as there is not enough water to absorb the products and they sit on top of each other.

2) Use a strong hold styling gelhow to get maximum curl definition

How to get maximum curl definition is going to involve a styling product that helps to not only define your natural curl pattern, but capture and hold it as well. Styling gels tend to do a good job at this. These products have a gelatinous-like consistency that help to capture and hold your natural curl pattern for longer, especially in comparison with other styling products like creams.

This strong hold definition is sometimes at the result of a loss of moisturizing ingredients. It is important that you find a styling gel with the absence of certain drying alcohols (Isopropyl alcohol for example) as they can create stiff and dry strands. To avoid dry strands, it is best to add a layer of a moisturizing leave-in conditioner before applying your styling gel to produce soft, hydrated, defined results.

3) Try the shingling method or raking method to define your natural curl pattern

The way you apply your products can affect how defined your hairstyle turns out. Separating or clumping your curls tends to create a more defined look. The Denman brush and other detangling tools are a good way to smooth and clump your curls to create more definition. While more time consuming, the shingling method involves separating and smoothing your curls in smaller sections, one-by-one. The raking method involves using your fingers to separate small sections of your curl pattern by combing / raking through them. Either way will help to create maximum curl definition in your natural hair.

4) Do not manipulate your hair as it is drying

Another important tip to avoid frizz and create maximum curl definition is to avoid manipulating your hair after you have applied your products and as it is drying. This means avoid touching or twirling your hair, etc. Simply let your hair fall and lay as it wants to. This will allow your natural curl pattern to fully form and let the product thoroughly absorb.

5) Apply your styling product in smaller sections

Applying your styling products in smaller sections is a simple yet effective way to get maximum curl definition out of your natural hair. If you normally part your hair in 4 sections to apply product, try 6. It may take more time, but the results are longer lasting. This tip will also allow for more separation of your curls as opposed to applying product in a bigger section – thus creating more definition.

how to get maximum curl definition
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  • Let your hair air dry if possible.
  • Gels tend to provide a stronger and longer-lasting hold compared to styling creams. Styling custards are a good medium and create curl definition usually without the crunch or stiffness.
  • Avoid drying your hair with hot air as this will promote frizz.
  • If you must squeeze out excess water/product, use a t-shirt instead of a cotton towel as the towel can cause frizz and snags.
  • Make note of any hair damage you may have – heat damage, chemical use, etc. This can have an effect on how defined your curl pattern is until the damage is removed or improved.
  • If your hair is looking or feeling brittle and you’re not able to get as much definition, it may be time for a trim:


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