9 Ways to Get the Perfect Twist-Out Every Time

You’ve spent two hours twisting your hair the night before, only for it to not be fully dry the next morning. Or, you take your twists down and end up putting it in a bun because the results are a fail. While it may be frustrating, a failed twist-out is typically an easy fix. Here are nine ways you can get the perfect twist-out every time: 

how to get the perfect twist-out natural hair
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If you have trouble getting definition:

1) Make sure your twists are fully dry before you take them down

Taking down your twists when they are not fully dry causes frizz because it does not give the product full time to set and absorb. This can also cause product residue to be left in your hair once you take the twists down and interfere with your desired style. Giving your hair full dry time ensures maximum definition for your twist-outs. If you’re running low on time, using a diffuser on a high, cool setting gets the job done!

2) Do smaller twists

Although it may take more time, doing your hair in smaller sections/twists gives your twist-out more definition plus your twist-out lasts longer. You can easily get a good couple of days wear out of your style. Putting your hair in chunky twists and sleeping on a satin scarf or pillowcase is one way to preserve your twist-out overnight.

3) Try taking 2 of your twists and twisting them together

This is a trick I happened to discover absentmindedly but works like a charm. After doing your twists (regardless of how many you choose to do) simply take two of the twists and twist them both together. This creates even more definition and springier curls once you take them down. Just make sure to thoroughly detangle your hair before doing so.

4) Try doing a 3-strand twist

Many naturals like to do a two-strand twist with their twist outs. However, the three-strand twist, which is done similar to a braiding pattern, creates more definition. If you find you want more definition out of your twist-outs or want to switch things up a bit, the three-strand twist is a good option.There are multiple video tutorials available detailing the steps.

natural hair twist-out
Twisting butters like this one from As I Am, help to create lasting definition for your twist-outs.

Other tips to get the perfect twist-out:

5) Use a heavier holding product

Using a product with a stronger hold, or thicker consistency (like a twisting butter) forms a longer-lasting hold and enhanced definition. If you find that you can only get one days wear out of your styled twist-out, it may be the styling product you are using.  

6) Finger coils the ends or use perm rods

Another tip to get the perfect twist-out every time is through finger coils or using perm rods. Finger coiling the ends of your twists can help the curl pattern look more defined throughout the entire length. Adding perm rods can also help avoid that frayed end look. Either way can add shape to your twist-out and create more definition.

7) A good shaped hair cut can help

Sometimes our twist-outs may not turn out the way we want because it may be time for a trimA shaped trim or simply using an afro pick can really transform your style. The separate and fluff method also helps with creating volume and minimizing frizz when taking down your twists and can create a defined shape.

8) Make sure your hair is detangled

Making sure your hair is throughly detangled as you twist prevents snags and snarls between the twists and when you are taking them down. Not detangling your hair beforehand can cause further frizz and not as much definition.

9) Wet styling = more definition, Dry styling = more volume

Applying product and doing your twists on wet hair helps with definition and hold. If it is volume you want and not as much definition for your style, try doing your twist-out on dry/blown out hair.

In relation to tips that can help you to get the perfect twist-out, check out these products made just for twist-outs that can help you to create your best twist-out yet!

What are some of your tips or favorite products for getting a good twist-out?

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