Denman Brush Review – Does It Make Detangling Easier?

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What it is: Denman Brush

Size: 7 row or 9 row

Where to buy:

Overall rating: 8 / 10

Product Overview 

With the many different types of coils, curls, and kinks that come with natural hair, this makes our strands more easily prone to tangles as the strands intertwine with each other. With detangling brings shedding and sometimes breakage. Finger detangling is a way many naturals help to reduce unnecessary breakage, but this can take much longer as opposed to using a detangling tool.

The Denman Brush is designed to make the styling process and detangling process much easier and faster. It features an anti-static rubber cushion to make for a better control and grip. The soft pointed bristles glide more easily through your hair strands and create smoother, defined hair with less frizz.

Initial & Lasting Impressions

The Denman Brush definitely has a clear grip that made for easier control when brushing my hair. The soft bristles are refreshing to see and they really help to smooth the hair strands, aiding in the prevention frizz. This brush did a favorable job at naturally enhancing my curl definition, and added spring and bounce to my hair texture. As for detangling, if you have high-density or thicker hair like mine, there may be a little more difficulty getting the brush to fully detangle your strands – definitely finger detangle some first. 

A good thing about the Denman Brush though is that it comes in two different sizes. A 7 row or 9 row bristle size is available. I opted for the wider 9 row brush, which I feel worked better for my high density hair. Although this detangling brush is not perfect, I definitely like how it smoothed down my hair strands and naturally enhanced curl definition just by brushing. 

Pros & Cons


  • Quicker detangling
  • Smooths out hair
  • Enhances curl definition
  • Soft bristles on brush


  • Some difficulty detangling thicker, dense hair
  • Brush can be hard to clean


If you are looking for a product that will easily get detangling done, the Denman Brush is worthy of consideration. It has an easy grip that will make brushing more controllable, and the soft bristles help smooth your hair while enhancing curl definition and alleviating frizz. A downside to this product is that those with thicker, more high-density hair like me may find difficulty in the Denman Brush smoothly detangling their hair strands from root to tip.


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