The Best Shampoos for Natural Hair

Shampooing for many, is an essential part of their hair care routine. How often one chooses to shampoo their hair may vary depending on differing factors like how much product they use on a daily basis or their hair texture. Nonetheless, shampooing is of great benefit when it comes to maintaining healthy natural hair. A cleansed scalp allows for unrestricted growth. When your scalp is covered with product build-up, it can clog the hair follicles and interfere with growth as well as lead to possible scalp irritations / conditions developing. When looking for the best shampoos for natural hair, we all want one that does a thorough job at removing product build-up and dirt without leaving the hair feeling entirely stripped of moisture or its natural oils.

This factor is especially important for naturally kinky, coily, and curly hair types as the natural oils produced at the root have more difficulty reaching the entirety of the hair strand, often leading to dryness. Some shampoos may contain ingredients that do more harm than good, such as parabens and certain alcohols. So, it is important to double-check the ingredients label.

Stimulating and moisture-retaining ingredients like natural oils and extracts are a plus. In this list, we have compiled a few of our favorite choices of the best shampoos for natural hair that effectively cleanse the strands while replenishing them with strengthening, stimulating ingredients.

Here are our picks for the best shampoos for natural hair:

best shampoos for natural hair
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This choice of the best shampoos for natural hair is from Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil collection. It is enriched with other stimulating and nourishing ingredients including peppermint oil, shea butter, and other natural extracts. This combination helps to retain moisture and softness as the rest of the formula cleanses your strands.

This shampoo also offers strengthening and restorative benefits for your hair with the aid of rice proteins that help to thicken the hair strands and lessen frizz. Damaged hair will also receive much relief out of this product thanks to the natural conditioning and reparative properties from Jamaican black castor oil and shea butter, to name a few.

best shampoos for natural hair

Why the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo makes the list for the best shampoos for natural hair:

  • Thoroughly cleanses the hair of build-up without sacrificing moisture and softness
  • Contains multiple stimulating ingredients that help to promote growth
  • Has a lush scent that leaves your strands smelling just as good


Containing a blend of multiple organic extracts, this sulfate-free shampoo from the Kinky-Curly brand gently removes product build-up and other grime from your strands, including certain hard water elements. The cleansing formula is gentle enough to preserve moisture in your hair and is even suitable for everyday use for those who choose to do so. The product’s gentle cleansing property can be much attributed to the Mandarin Orange extract blend.

best shampoos for natural hair

Why the Kinky-Curly Come Clean Natural Moisturizing Shampoo makes the list for the best shampoos for natural hair:

  • Gentle enough formula for everyday use for those who frequently wash their hair
  • Contains multiple organic extracts
  • Sea kelp ingredient helps to retain moisture


The Alikay Naturals Caribbean Coconut Milk Shampoo comes equipped with a convenient applicator tip that makes it much easier to apply the shampoo directly to the scalp and get a complete cleanse. Inside the bottle is a mixture of natural ingredients like nettle that delivers nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals to your strands, and coconut milk that helps to encourage hair growth. This clarifying shampoo does a wonderful job at cleansing the hair without stripping it of moisture.

Your hair is left feeling super soft which can also be much attributed to the coconut milk infusion that additionally brings shine and softness to your strands. A bonus about this shampoo is that when paired with the Alikay Naturals Caribbean Coconut Milk Conditioner, it balances the pH of your hair.

best shampoos for natural hair

Why the Alikay Naturals Caribbean Coconut Milk Shampoo makes the list for the best shampoos for natural hair:

  • Highly useful applicator tip on the bottle makes for a more complete cleanse
  • Consists of pure natural ingredients
  • Leaves hair feeling super soft


As it states in its name, this clarifying shampoo produces a tingling sensation when applied to the scalp. That tingling sensation is accompanied with various stimulating ingredients like peppermint oil that is known to promote hair growth. Also included in this shampoo are various other organic botanicals that consist of tea tree oil and eucalyptus extracts to name a few. It leaves a refreshing, clean feeling throughout your hair. Another bonus about this product is the size of the bottle – at 16 ounces you can get plenty of use out of it.

best shampoos for natural hair

Why the Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo makes the list for the best shampoos for natural hair:

  • Leaves hair feeling refreshed and cleansed
  • Includes various stimulating natural ingredients
  • Generous bottle size


You may have heard of the Hairfinity hair growth vitamins. The brand also has a shampoo that additionally contains many strengthening and conditioning ingredients. The Brock Beauty Hairfinity Gentle Cleanse Shampoo is free of sulfates, silicones, and parabens to name. It is safe for color-treated hair and features a gentle yet thorough cleansing formula that removes impurities from your strands. Included in the mixture is hydrolyzed collagen, aloe vera, natural oils, plus more.

best shampoos for natural hair

Why the Brock Beauty Hairfinity Gentle Cleanse Shampoo makes the list for the best shampoos for natural hair:

  • Contains multiple strengthening ingredients
  • Easy to dispense pump
  • Fit for all hair types and textures


The Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap is an all-in-one product that offers cleansing and nourishing properties when used as a facial cleanser, body wash, and in this case – a shampoo. African black soap has long been used for an assortment of purposes. This natural and nourishing cleanser removes build-up and residue from the hair without leaving your strands feeling “stripped” or dry. This product is additionally scented with natural elements in the form of essential oils derived from tangerine citrus. Shea butter is also present, helping to provide softer results.

On the days you are not using this soap as a shampoo for your natural hair, you can use it as a body wash, a hand soap, and more. This versatility is economical and highly useful.

best shampoos for natural hair

Why the Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap makes the list for the best shampoos for natural hair:

  • Multi-functional use
  • Natural and nourishing cleanser
  • Leaves hair feeling soft and smelling fresh


This shampoo from EDEN BodyWorks comes in a unique clear liquid form. It has a combination of rejuvenating ingredients that help to boost scalp circulation. The pure peppermint botanical additive aids in alleviating dry, itchy scalp. Massage the shampoo in throughout your hair and rinse for a refreshed and revitalized feeling.

best shampoos for natural hair

Why the EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Clear Shampoo makes the list for the best shampoos for natural hair:

  • Great for dry and itchy scalp
  • Rejuvenating results
  • Peppermint botanicals provide many stimulating benefits


Sulfates are a frequently used ingredient found in a variety of shampoos. However, they have been found to cleanse the hair entirely to the point where the strands are removed of their natural oils and moisture. This factor has led many naturals to seek other alternatives. This sulfate-free choice of the best shampoos for natural hair from TGIN makes a beneficial and moisturizing alternative.

It comes with a combination of moisture-retaining ingredients including pro vitamin B5 that helps to lessen breakage. This shampoo also helps to smooth the hair cuticle, creating a soft and smooth result. Give your hair a nice cleanse without the harsh detergents.

best shampoos for natural hair

Why the TGIN Moisture Rich Sulfate-Free Shampoo makes the list for the best shampoos for natural hair:

  • Sulfate-free formula is not harsh on the hair
  • Includes coconut oil and amla oil that help to reduce breakage and encourage moisture retention
  • Softens and smooths the hair

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