The Best Natural Hair Care Tools That’ll Make Hair Care a Breeze

Natural hair care, while frustrating at times, does not have to be complicated. In fact, the ever-growing natural hair movement has given rise to more natural hair products now more than ever. Whether you struggle with moisture, detangling, or perhaps styling, there is a natural hair care product for you! In this list, we have compiled a few of our favorite and most helpful choices of the best natural hair care tools.

Here are 10 of the best natural hair care tools that’ll make hair care a breeze:

best natural hair care tools
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Whether you are moisturizing your hair or styling, you are going to need some good ole H2O. The convenience of a spray bottle makes it a must-have for many naturals. Instead of having to scoop water out of the faucet to wet your hair, you can simply use a spray bottle to saturate your hair much faster.

This spray bottle comes with a 360 degree spray feature that allows for a continuous mist throughout your hair. To add, this choice of the best natural hair care tools thoroughly saturates your hair with water which in turn promotes better product absorption and thoroughly moisturized strands.

best natural hair care tools


The diffuser is a popular hair care tool in the natural hair community. It helps to accelerate the drying process and add more volume. For some naturals, it can take their hair hours to dry. If you have some place to be, this can become an inconvenience. A diffuser can shorten your drying time to as little as 30 minutes depending on your hairstyle. In addition to, many diffusers come with different heat and speed settings. Having a diffuser will certainly make your styling process much simpler.

best natural hair care tools


Another highly beneficial natural hair care tool is the hooded hair dryer. You can use this choice of the best natural hair care tools for a variety of purposes. For one, a hooded hair dryer is highly useful when deep conditioning. The heat from the dryer slightly lifts the hair cuticle and allows for the deep conditioner to be more fully absorbed.

In addition, you can use your hooded hair dryer to quickly dry your twist-outs, flexi rod sets, wash and go’s, or just about any other natural hair style. Using a hooded hair dryer to dry your styles may help to keep more definition in-tact as you are not flipping your hair around as much like you might with a diffuser. All in all, a hooded hair dryer is a worthwhile investment that will save you a lot of time throughout your natural hair journey.

best natural hair care tools


Detangling can be a tedious process for many naturals. Fortunately, there have been multiple natural hair care tools invented to help simplify the process. The Denman brush is just one detangling tool that has earned rave reviews for getting the job done effectively and efficiently. It comes with seven or nine rows of soft bristles that help to gently detangle and smooth your strands. As a bonus, the Denman brush also helps to enhance curl definition.

best natural hair care tools


The usual cotton terry towels that you may use to dry your natural hair with can accelerate frizz and create snags and snarls. Microfiber towels may be a better choice for your hair as they consist of a more gentle material. To add to this, microfiber towels easily soak up excess water without causing excess frizz. Plus, they won’t cause your strands to snag and snarl.

best natural hair care tools


If you’d like to give your strands a nice treat, consider trying out this natural hair care tool. Scalp massage brushes like this one, can aid in the maintenance of good scalp health. Good scalp health is integral to the overall health of your hair as growth starts at the root.

Regular scalp massages, natural oils, and keeping your scalp clean, are all a few ways to upkeep good scalp health. Furthermore, scalp massages help to stimulate blood flow at the hair follicles which in turn helps to encourage hair growth. So, using a scalp massage brush can be a very beneficial natural hair care tool.

best natural hair care tools


The classic afro pick is a must-have tool for any natural who loves big hair. You can use this comb to add volume and shape to your hairstyles as well as detangle your strands if needed. It is a staple piece that you will keep in your product stash for a long time.

best natural hair care tools


To maintain good hair care habits, you may occasionally decide to try varying hair care treatments such as a hot oil treatment, protein treatment, etc. An applicator bottle is a handy hair care tool that can hold your choice of ingredients and make it much easier to apply your hair treatments or other mixtures (e.g. oils) to your scalp, ends, and rest of your hair.

best natural hair care tools


When detangling, it is important that you make it a gentle process. If not, you are bound to cause breakage along the way. One way to make the detangling process much gentler on your strands is to use a detangling tool. A wide tooth comb is more gentle on your strands compared to a fine tooth comb or paddle brush for example. This choice of the best natural hair care tools helps to loosen tangles and ease the detangling process.

hair care tools for natural hair


To preserve moisture and lessen the chance of breakage, making the switch to satin to wrap your hair up with at night and with your choice of headwear pieces is a good change. In comparison with cotton, a common material used in pillowcases and other headwear, satin is a more gentle fabric for your hair. There are satin lined hats, beanies, and more, that will keep you fashionable and your hair protected.

hair care tools for natural hair

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