The Benefits of Mango Butter for Natural Hair

If your natural hair is thick, coarse, or seems like it is always dry, you may find benefit in adding a natural butter to your hair care regimen. Butters like shea butter, cocoa butter, etc., can provide multiple perks for your strands. You can use a butter as a sealant, helping to retain moisture for longer. Butters also help to add softness to your strands, while nourishing them with various nutrients in the process. Mango butter is another favorable example of nourishing natural butters that you can try and will find much gain in using. In this article, we will go into more depth about the numerous benefits of mango butter for natural hair.

Here are 5 useful benefits of mango butter for natural hair:

benefits of mango butter for natural hair
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1) Mango butter can be used as a moisture sealant

Like with any butter, mango butter can also function as a sealant to lock in moisture throughout your strands. A sealant is typically used in the final steps of your hair care regimen. Sealants can come in the form of an oil, a cream, and in this case, a butter. After you have applied your styling products or other moisturizing products, you can follow up with a sealant to “seal” everything in and retain the moisture you have applied for longer.

Due to the thicker consistency of butters and the effectiveness of mango butter, you may not need to apply that many products in conjunction with it. A butter and an oil will do just fine for some. What makes mango butter such a good moisture sealant? Its creamy consistency allows for a more thorough coverage of your strands. In addition, the smooth consistency of mango butter in turn helps to smooth the hair cuticle, effectively locking in moisture and lessening frizz.

2) You can use it for styling

If you want a well-defined, voluminous, and moisturized twist-out or braid-out, mango butter makes a favorable alternative. The thick consistency provides a nice hold and the nutrients found in mango butter helps to produce moisturized looking results.

3) Nutrients found in mango butter transfer to your hair

benefits of mango butter for natural hair
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Mango butter is derived from the seeds of mango trees found throughout South Asia and other regions. The process of extracting the butter preserves many of the source’s natural nutrients. The nutrients found in mango butter consist of different vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, plus more. Another one of the key benefits of mango butter for natural hair, is that these nutrients transfer to your strands and can benefit your hair both short-term and long-term.

4) Can be used in various DIY hair care products

Making your own natural hair products from time to time can be very beneficial. With the use of natural ingredients like mango butter, you get to skip out on the chemical additives that are unfortunately found in some of our hair products. You could use mango butter in the creation of your own twisting butter – just add an oil. Or, you could make a moisturizing whipped mango butter. The list goes on.

5) Easy to add to your hair regimen

Another one of the benefits of mango butter for natural hair, is that it is easy to incorporate into your natural hair routine. For one, it does not leave the hair feeling greasy. This can be attributed to it being able to blend easily and its smooth texture. To add to this, mango butter also has a long-lasting shelf life, even without the use of preservatives. You can use mango butter in its raw form and just soften it a bit with water. Or, you can try a whipped mango butter mix.

benefits of mango butter for natural hair
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