Benefits of Hot Oil Treatments for Hair

Hot oil treatments for hair involve heating a combination of natural oils, followed by applying and leaving the mixture on your hair. After leaving the treatment on your hair for at least 30 minutes, upon rinsing you are left with super soft and shiny hair. Aside from softness and shine, there are a variety of other benefits of hot oil treatments for hair.

Here is a more detailed look into the numerous benefits of hot oil treatments for hair:
benefits of hot oil treatments for natural hair
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1) Nourishes your strands with nutrients

The oils you use to do your hot oil treatment consist of various healthful nutrients. Olive oil for example, is able to penetrate the hair shaft and contains different vitamins such as vitamin E, that can boost shine and promote good scalp health. Other vitamins from oils and their nourishing properties then transfer to your hair and can benefit your hair’s health and strength.

Hot oil treatments combine a mixture of nutrients, vitamins included, that are spread throughout your hair and absorbed, providing a rejuvenation from root to tip. If you notice that your hair looks dull and is excessively dry, select some healthful oils and reap the benefits of hot oil treatments for hair.

2) Alleviates dry and brittle ends

Curly, coily, and kinky hair textures are prone to being drier in property. The oils produced at our roots have a more difficult travel reaching the full span of the spiral shaped strands. It comes as no surprise that our ends are what tend to suffer the most. Hot oil treatments however, are a highly beneficial solution to this.

Oils are good moisture sealants and help to smooth the hair strands and hair cuticle. The blend of oils with hot oil treatments can help to lessen frizz and flatten flyaway’s at the ends. It additionally helps to apply an oil to your ends nightly or every other night to keep them soft and mended to ward off split ends.

3) Creates lasting softness

Another one of the noticeable benefits of hot oil treatments for hair is the softness it creates. The fusion of oils in hot oil treatments help to smooth the hair cuticle which can produce softer feeling strands. Hot oil treatments also help to seal moisture, alleviating rough and dry feeling hair.

benefits of hot oil treatments for hair

4) Helps to retain moisture

There are certain climates where hot oil treatments can provide even more benefit. During the winter season, the cold temperatures can draw out moisture from our hair. Completing routine hot oil treatments can help to keep moisture retained throughout the varying external weather elements.

5) Lessens frizz

As mentioned earlier, the combination of oils in hot oil treatments cumulatively aid in smoothing and softening the hair. This can lessen the appearance of frizz and flyaway’s. Add a thicker oil to your mixture like Jamaican black castor oil, as a heavier sealant to further smooth the hair.

6) Provides a healthy foundation for hair growth

The mixture of oils you use in your hot oil treatment provide a source of nutrients that can help to stimulate hair growth. Peppermint oil for instance, contains menthol, a vasodilator, which helps to stimulate blood flow circulation when applied to the scalp.

If you use an essential oil like peppermint oil though, be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil since they are of a higher concentration.

7) Great for good scalp health

Hair growth and health starts at the scalp. If your scalp has too much build-up or is not adequately taken care of, it can impact either of these aspects. Hot oil treatments help to provide a boost of moisture to the scalp along with the addition of other healthful nutrients. Doing routine hot oil treatments can help to maintain good scalp health for your natural hair.

benefits of hot oil treatments for hair

8) Strengthens your strands

The nutrients derived from hot oil treatments are distributed all throughout your hair, from the scalp to the ends. You are getting a delivery of nourishing vitamins, fatty acids, and more. All of which can aid in the prevention of breakage, better moisture retention, and thus stronger strands.

9) Adds shine to your hair

Hot oil treatments add shine to your natural hair with the help of vitamins and the restoration of moisture. The oils additionally help to lay the hair cuticle, giving the appearance of shinier hair.


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